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Will Ayahuasca change you?

Our life's journey is all about adaptation and change.

Day by day, unnoticeably, our body and mind are adapting to the flow of events through which we swim,

The seemingly unimportant changes over the years can become the backbone of your life.

You cannot notice the growth rate of your hair, but over time your hair becomes longer. In the same way, you can miss a lot of things that are daily changing in your routines only to find yourself in a completely different situation a couple of years from now.

will ayahuasca change you

Change is an essential trait of our daily reality and there is no way around it. And even though you cannot avoid change, you can be mindful and wise about the type of change you invite into your life.

Think about it, everything is either falling apart by default or you can consciously choose your actions to help you grow.

And what needs to be improved for a happier life, is your mind. A healthy and strong mind will afterward lead to a respective body and everything else.

One of the most valuable properties Of Ayahuasca is that this plant enables positive change.

You are like a golden nugget covered in dirt. Ayahuasca can wash you out so that you can brightly shine anew!

In the following article, we will cover the main fields of our life and personality that Ayahuasca can address. 



A troubled mind is like a contagious virus. Our fears, anxiety and any mental garbage is spreading like a disease. It intoxicates our relationships and poisons our connection with the close ones.

Instead of being open, and honest and taking care of our family, we do the opposite.

Powerless to become a giver, a mind that is pain, is making us a consumer. A consumer of attention, time, and care. And it is always not enough so we demand more and more just to fulfill the hunger in our hearts.

While in pain, we choose to have a relationship with someone who is suffering from the same mental worms as we are. And now we find ourselves in a toxic relationship that is propelling us down.

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Oftentimes we hold on to bad habits by holding up to our friends.

How the relationships can change after the Ayahuasca.

We tend to think that our issues are hidden within other people. It is convenient and safe to think that our sufferings begin and end with someone else's efforts.

This is a very disempowering belief which means that we will stay miserable as long as Oftentimes, Ayahuasca is making people aware of the real root of problems.

Imagine the leap you will make from feeling hatred towards your parents to forgiving them and accepting them as they are.

Or you could realize that because of self-doubt you were hiding your feelings from someone for years. You decide to confess your love and now you are happily married.

Or you realize that your current friends are fueling your bad habits and self-sabotage. As a result, you change your circle of friends and become a new person. The friends themselves most likely won't appreciate this, but for your well-being, it could be the key moment.

Ayahuasca is like a mirror that helps you observe the mud stains in your mind. After realizing it and getting rid of them, you stop making others dirty and also start hanging out with clean people.

Human beings live in a net of connections and relationships. And the better you are imbedded in this network the higher will be the quality of your life. After changing some of your inner world you will change the relationships with others. As a result, you will experience life in its fullness.


A healthy body equals a healthy mind and vice versa.

Unfortunately, we are running so much after comfort and pleasure that our health is often overlooked which can lead to mental issues.

By using unpure fuel we diminish the efficiency and the lifespan of a car.

Bad food we consume in many ways triggers our reactions and bad moods. We understand this but our mind takes control of our decisions and is hypnotizing us into making the wrong choice.

We allow ourselves to be fooled by tasty flavors and pretty packages. Life’s gifts become inaccessible. The food we eat makes us sick, weak, depressed, and dumb. And the body becomes a prison from which there is no escape.

How the health can change after the Ayahuasca.

Our health can be a door to a new level of life. Imagine waking up with a lot of energy and not being able to wait for the day to start.

You could be sharp, optimistic, and inspiring only because your body is properly working. New activities, sports, hobbies, and like-minded friends suddenly pour into your life. All of it is possible when you get access to the extra energy provided that comes with proper health and nutrition.

Ayahuasca can help you reassess your habits and food preferences. Realizing why you are addicted to food or why you prefer fast food over a healthy homemade dish can set you free. You can get addicted to healthy food that gives you power and helps you live every minute in its full.

Finding the root of the issue is not all that Ayahuasca can help with. In a way, it can rewire and reset the patterns in your brain that were responsible for the damaging behavior.

The health of your body is directly interlinked with the state of your mind. Ayahuasca can help you to solve some internal mental issues that are causing depression, fear, and anxiety. As a result, you can achieve new levels of health just by getting rid of those blockages.


So many people drag themselves through boring routines and obligations because they don't feel the point of living their lives. Running after the nowadays promoted values rarely solves the issue.

We try to acquire more things, become better at different activities, and collect a larger variety of experiences but the result is the same - after each achievement, there is less and less juice to our life and no material thing can fill this gap no matter how hard we try.

Even traditional values like family are not complete without a bigger all-encompassing vision and goal. Without it our life is deteriorating faster than we can build it and our frustration over this, with years grows only bigger.

How the your spiritual life change after the Ayahuasca?

Oftentimes Ayahuasca is giving insights about the observable material world being just the tip of the iceberg. It makes us ask questions, and be more curious and open about unusual and hidden phenomena.

Things that were outside of our intellectual comfort zone, are becoming closer to us. We start researching, trying, and exploring new things that gradually become full of meaning and answers.

All of a sudden we find ourselves on a journey with a spiritual pursuit.

We know why we wake up and all our daily activities begin having a higher purpose. Our whole life gets a new flavor and the more we eat it, the more we want.

There is something in this world that everyone is feeling attracted to. A cracked door that is irradiating a dim light. We can rationalize it away, or allow others to convince us that there is nothing special about it. But Ayahuasca is capable of helping you to open that door.


The beliefs we have are shaping all aspects of our lives.

If we are certain that earning large sums of money requires excruciating efforts, we will always choose the hardest ways to make a living. When we are sure that we don't deserve to be treated well in our relationships, we will unconsciously choose toxic partners that will fulfill our beliefs. Thinking that we are not capable of learning something will keep us from trying to do so.

The beliefs we have are like computer software that governs the life we live. We act them out without even realizing that.

As long as we will not address the root of the problems we will keep stepping on the same rake.

The good news is that we can update our software according to our goals and aspirations.

How the your beliefs change after the Ayahuasca?

The Ayahuasca brew can first of all spot the harmful beliefs. It can happen in several ways.

With some preparation and practice, you can do it consciously by writing down some of the limiting beliefs you have. To find them you can use journalling, active imagination, or any type of therapy that can point to the fields of your life governed by destructive beliefs. Knowing them will allow you to process them during the Ayahuasca ceremony.

Alternatively, you can uncover and work through some of your beliefs by stumbling onto them accidentally. This is not a reliable method however if the root of your traumas lies in a belief you are holding, Ayahuasca will help you uncover it and work it out.

If the beliefs are fundamental, the change will take a while to integrate before you will start acting differently. But eventually, you will get there. Be patient.

Ayahuaca can be a hygiene of your beliefs. You inspect them, heal the ones that are damaged and as a result, you get a new shine throuout your life!


Once upon a time, there was a monkey called Bimbo who was obsessively afraid of pineapples.

This obsession started when a visitor of the zoo threw a pineapple through the fence and it hit the poor monkey pretty bad. Since then Bimbo has avoided guests with pineapples even the ones that have good intentions.

That incident, many years ago is still depriving Bimbo of the sweet taste of pineapples. This is a tragedy.

Just like Bimbo, many modern people are avoiding beneficial things and activities because they are restrained by a specific traumatic memory.

Avoiding things we are afraid of is the most straightforward and obvious way to deal with our fear. But in doing so, we act unconsciously almost like animals.

The conscious monkey will do the opposite and try to inspect the fear to see if it is worth being afraid of it. Most of the time after this inspection we find that we not just shouldn't be afraid, but there is a lot of reward hidden in the chest guarded by that fear.

Disconnecting the fear from a specific memory can open innumerable opportunities that you have been avoiding all these years.

How the perception of the memories can change after the Ayahuasca?

Befriending our fears can be challenging. But Ayahuasca is doing gentle work on this. In her team, there is the Shaman and the Facilitators/Guardians of the Ceremony. They all have a whole toolkit of skills that will help you to succeed. They can calm you down and give you the strength to finish the journey.

When your fears become your lap dogs, you will discover a whole new dimension of confidence, openness, interest, and passion.

New doors will show up, new people will come into your life and you will deeply change.

Memories of past events won't have any more power over our minds. they will become useful lessons rather than our executioners.

Our fear wants us to run from them. That is their purpose. But the greatest secret is that once you stop running and turn around, there is nothing there to be afraid of. Ayahuasca and the people around Her are helping you to make that turn.


A modern career has many things to offer.

Money, reputation, and other rewards are attracting us and we spare no effort to get that. Once we succeed, we do not feel satisfied and conclude that the issue is in the quantity of rewards. Since there is not enough, we try harder to get more.

In this race, we are so absorbed by the process, that we forget the reason why we started it in the first place.

And the worst thing is that we can go on for years by ignoring the dissatisfaction and meaningless of our job.

If you add up to this some loans that need to be paid, or family members that rely on our income, we get an ultimate trap from which it is pretty hard to escape.

We get emotionally entangled in our work that is paying the bills, but in exchange, we feel that it is suffocating us.

Powerless to change the situation, we spiral down into depression, bad habits, and ultimately misery.

How the career can change after the Ayahuasca.

Countless people are coming to Ayahuasca because of her ability to give insights.

With some experience, you can define a specific area of your life you are looking to improve, and chances are that Ayahuasca will open your eyes to solutions.

Most likely you already know the pieces of your career that are not satisfying you.

Probably you have an idea of what career you would like to have. But there are so many gaps in your understanding that the overall picture is unclear. Ayahuasca can help with it.

It could well be that even the current career you have can give you the purpose you are looking for. A change in perspective or int he attitude will open your eyes to the treasure you already have.

It is not always necessary to make a 90° turn in a career to make a meaningful change. Sometimes is enough to change your perspective.

Even if want to make dramatic changes, Ayahuasca can give you hints and point to unexpected directions worth exploring.

Most of us are spending most of our productive hours on developing our careers. If our profession is not giving us fulfillment and joy, we spend our life in vain.If you feel like making a shift in your career, Ayahuasca can be a trampoline delivering you that.


If a jungle monkey is measuring the value of goods in fruits, then a regular concrete jungle monkey is measuring it in money.

The problem is that, unlike bananas, the money doesn't grow on the trees.

We have a lot of misuse of money. From overspending, on things we don't need to compulsively saving money as a way to feel more secure.

At times we compensate for a dull and uninteresting life by getting that endorphin high from shopping. And after the high is over, we need a new dose of shopping to keep going.

How your view on money can change after the Ayahuasca.

Being mindful about the money we have is a big thing.

Our time spent on our jobs is directed at money. So making mindless impulsive purchases is like giving away weeks and years of your life for some silly things.

Since Ayahuasca is about rewiring your brain and reassessing your values, it can be that your attitude towards the way you spend your money can improve.

You can start enjoying being more generous, less susceptible to marketing, and feel in control of what you buy.

Our money is our freedom. To have control over your money means to hold tight the steering wheel.

Ayahuasca can become the glue that will stick your hand to that steering wheel. As a result, you will never lose control over your money and the way to spend it.


Some of the world’s most interesting things are not entering our lives only because we keep our doors closed.

Sitting in our comfort zone is surely safe, but in exchange for that safety, we lose a whole world of possibilities.

Remember the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carey? I think life has a big part in that.

We try to avoid risks, but actually, we avoid life.

New occupations scare us because there will be a learning curve. Therefore would need to go through a few failures to get good at it.

We are the supreme kings of our small world and we are terrified of trying to expand it. But at the same time, the outside world is tempting and teasing us to become brave explorers.

How your interests can change after the Ayahuasca?

Since the mind is at the foundation of our life, Ayahuasca can change everything.

The shift in the interests is almost like a soft byproduct of the work of Ayahuasca. But in the long run, it will change your life in marvelous ways.

It is interesting to observe that the interests provoked by Ayahuasca lay in the realm of health, esthetics, spirituality, and other fine matters. Maybe it is not a coincidence and the things we are trained to take lightly are the most delicious in life's menu.

Probably you are not planning to add any interests to your current list. But you can't know whether you need something without trying that first.

Ayahuasca with all the questions provoked by her, can surprise you with gifts you never knew you needed.If after Ayahuasca, something in you changes and interest sprouts, take good care of it!

Traits of Character

We all want to be better in many ways. Better parents, workers, students, partners.

Each of these roles rewards more or less the same universal traits and qualities:

openness, patience, forgivingness, compassion, honor, devotion and Love. There are many more, and the majority of them are nowadays treated like a sentimental weakness.

As a result, we fail to build strong relationships, trustworthy businesses, and a decent meaningful life.

We all enjoy it when someone invests time and effort in developing the noble side of their character. The good news is that we could do a lot about it and everyone including us will only benefit from it.

How your character can change after the Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca has a lot to say when it comes to improving people’s characters and lives.

If your character is a mirror with a layer of dirt, then Ayahuasca is a passionate skillful cleaner that specializes in mirrors.

Inherently, people are shining like the Sun, but because of the upraise, dubious decisions, and circumstances our best qualities are fading away and becoming dim.

There is no limit to the improvement that we can do to ourselves. Having a good helper on your side is the advantage that will make a difference. For thousands of years, Ayahuasca has helped people to come to their shiny and perfect Self.

The toddler becomes a kid and then a grown man. A seed becomes a tree to bear fruits that afterward become again seen. It goes on and on.

One of the fundamental traits of our world is the change. Change is happening every second with every living and not-so-much being on this planet.

Our mind and everything it creates is changing the fastest. There is no way we can stop or slow it down. Change is like a gift you cannot refuse.

So if change is happening anyway, why not take it into our hands and change in a way that will make us happy?

Ayahuasca can and will change you. That is what this Medicine is doing. It changes lives by changing people’s minds.

Don't accept the random winds of life to shape your present and future. You cannot change the wind’s direction, but you can unfurl the sails to go in the direction you want.

If you liked this message, feel free to leave a comment and please help spread it by sharing on social media.

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