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ayahuasca retreat peru
ayahuasca retreat peru
ayahuasca retreat peru
ayahuasca retreat peru
ayahuasca retreat peru
ayahuasca retreat peru
ayahuasca retreat peru

13-Day Ayahuasca Half-Marathon

ayahuasca retreat peru
ayahuasca retreat peru

    The majority of people have incredible potential but usually, it is borrowed deep inside. If you feel a good connection with that inner power, you must learn how to harness and use it, and this retreat can help you do that!

    The 13-Day Ayahuasca Half-Marathon is designed for athletes who either already have mental training experience or feel confident enough to challenge themselves.

    13 Days are more than enough to deliver a profound change in your life. During this time you can process difficult trauma, and receive answers that will help you reinvent your whole life.

​    Our shamans are among the best. They coached countless Mental Champions and Spiritual Warriors. Be sure that they will have your back, before, during, and after the ceremonies. 

    Our staff is your support team. They are all battle-hardened and know how to take care of you and your journey. 


​    So if you want to dispel a big amount of pain or would like to face the depths of your mind, the 13-Day Ayahuasca Retreat is your race. Hop in and buckle up!

   Please click on the desired retreat dates in the calendar.

   Afterward, fill in the questionnaire with some personal information.
   As a final stage, we require a 300$ deposit (+ $8 on PayPal fees 🙈) to finalize your booking.

   Also, we would like to have a video call to explain the preparation process and understand better your expectations.

The rest of the sum is paid in cash (USD) upon arrival at the center.

ayahuasca retreat peru

Retreat Calendar

  • 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies  

  • Consultation for preparation

  • Small groups (maximum 8 people)

  • Accommodation (more details)

  • Meals ( more info)

  • Personal consultations with the shaman 

  • Airport pickup ( we take care of the overall transfer)

  • Satellite Wi-Fi

  • English/Spanish cross-translation

  • Laundry  (self-service, all the necessities provided)

  • Jungle trekking (conducted by a certified guide)

  • Boat tour ( in search of dolphins and  other wildlife)

  • Sunset on the beach  (during the dry season)

   The total price is $1987

ayahuasca retreat peru

What is included:

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