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  • Do the facilitators participate in the ceremonies?
    Yes. A number of our team members are the "facilitators" or the “guardians” during the ceremony. Unlike our guests, our team members do not drink Ayahausca during the ceremony. They are making sure everything goes smoothly and assist all the participants with anything needed.
  • How many people are in the group?
    We conduct only small groups of up to 8 people.
  • Do I need a VISA to Travel to Peru?
    No. Traveling from most countries (North & South America, Europe, Australia) you do not need a visa. If you are not sure we suggest visiting the website of your local embassy for more information. Most likely you do not need a visa. When you enter Peru, you will get a stamp and a handwritten number with the allowed length of your stay (usually 90 days). The maximum length of stay is 183 days, so if you plan to travel for more than 3 months, you’ll need to extend your visa for another 90 days.
  • What is the destination airport where I book my flight?
    Your final destination is IQUITOS, PERU (IQT). When flying from another country, you’ll have to fly to Lima first and then take a connecting flight to Iquitos. Booking those flights is not complicated, but if you need assistance you can just contact us and we’ll offer advice and guidance.
  • Will I be picked up at the airport?
    Yes. From the moment you land in Iquitos, we will arrange your transfer to our center.
  • When should I arrive?
    On Monday at 9 am, we pick up the whole group from Iquitos and bring them to our center. So we recommend arriving in Iquitos earlier on Sunday to spend the night there.
  • When should I book my return flight?
    We recommend booking your return flight to depart Iquitos not earlyer that 3 pm of the last retreat day or the day AFTER the retreat.
  • What should I pack?
    It is hot and humid here so we suggest summer clothes for the day (shorts and a T-shirt) for nighttime ( long sleeves and pants made of cotton/linen ). Normal tennis shoes and flip-flops for around the lodge are all you will need. We also suggest bringing a swimsuit as we can go to beaches and swim in the river on non-ceremony days.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Please check this information on our Terms&Conditions page.
  • What currency do I pay in?
    To avoid any currency exchange issues we accept the payment only in USD. Also, we suggest researching the withdrawal fees of the local banks in Iquitos if you want to use their ATMs. Otherwise, please consider bringing cash from the country you are traveling from. More info about the payment-related questions.
  • Is there a safe place to store valuable items?
    Yes. We have a safe but it is located in the room of the manager of the lodge. Only he has access to it. So you may consider leaving some of your belongings there.
  • Is there electricity?
    Yes, we have a solar panel system that powers the whole center.
  • Is there cell service or WIFI?
    Yes. We have high-speed satellite internet. However, there is no cell connection.
  • What about laundry?
    It is included in your stay and it is done once in a few days, although it is definitely not as fast. Depending on the weather, It usually comes back in one-two days..
  • What kind of electrical outlets are used in Peru?
    The outlets in Peru are very similar to those found in the US, although the voltage is different. Peru uses 220V (as opposed to 110V in the US), but nowadays, nearly all electrical devices are designed to use both so there is no need to bring or buy an adapter. If you are trained for first aid unsure, there should be some information printed on the plug or device stating what voltage it can use (110 – 240V is the most common). The only adapter you will need is if your device does not have a flat or round two-prong plug. Basically, it will need to fit in here:
  • What about mosquitoes?
    There are some ;). Since we are in the jungle, we recommend taking with you a good DEET mosquito repellent (make sure in advance that you are not allergic to it). Also long linen pants/long dresses can additionally help you out.
  • What do you do in the case of a medical emergency?
    We have staff members trained in first aid and also the closest hospital is 10 minutes away by using our speedboat. However, during the whole existence of the center, there were no medical emergency situations.
  • Do I need to get any vaccinations?
    No. Peru does not require any vaccinations.
  • Is the water safe to drink?
    Yes. We use only purified water for cooking and also for your consumption, we recommend bringing a water bottle you can use to refill and keep with you.
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