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What is an Ayahuasca Retreat

Updated: Feb 25

ayahuasca ceremony in Peru

Here in the jungle, there is a remarkable combination of favorable conditions and rough competition. Due to that, the life of a monkey is pretty challenging and rewarding at the same time

I often fight with other monkeys for the ripest mango. Usually, I am among the losers, but man, when finally I manage to overpower my opponents, the taste of the mango is so worth it.,. mmm.

To become a competitive monkey, I learn from those who know this playfield the best - the professional athletes.

And to understand what is an Ayahuasca retreat, I suggest you do the same. So let me explain.

Imagine yourself being a top-tier athlete in a random sport. Your life depends on your performance. And not performance in random moments, but performance in important events ( championships, matches, Olympic Games, etc.)

Since you know the date of that specific event that you want to conquer, you can do the wisest thing possible - prepare and become the best version of yourself.

For optimal preparation, you need something like a lab where all the conditions are just mage to make you a champion. In sports, that place is called a training camp.

So in short, an Ayahuasca retreat is a place created to help you handle your self-discovery and healing journey. If want to win 9 or at least to advance) In the game of spirituality, in an Ayahuasca retreat, you will find all the tools, knowledge, and support to succeed.

An Ayahuasca retreat is a rare beast, so let's examine it and see what is it about.

Table of Contents:


Focus is everything. Most of the time we get what we are focused on and that's why it is really important to be aware and mindful about where our focus is partying.

In football, the focus is on the ball, in boxing on the jaw of the opponent, and in the sport of inner work, the focus is on yourself.

An Ayahuasca retreat is a place meant to help you focus on the parts of your mind that you want to change and improve. An ayahuasca retreat is a retreat and silent place that offers you care and space to inspect yourself thoroughly.

As a result of this change, you get a wholesome, healthy, and happy champion of life.

To become a winner, focus on the victory!

Distraction from distractions

When our monkey family for the first time got cable TV, we couldn't stop watching the Monkey Life show. it was entertaining, yes, but soon we realized that we were watching it in order not to deal with our Real-Monkey-Life.

If you want to succeed in your growth, you should disconnect as much as possible from external sources of distraction. And the Ayahuasca retreat is offering that by default. Most retreats are located in remote locations and even if you have the luxury of WiFi, you are advised not to use it.

Clear the stocked closet of your mind by getting rid of distractions!

The Shaman

If you want remarkable results in sports, you need a remarkable coach. You want someone who knows how to achieve victory and can teach you this.

In the sport of healing and becoming better, the shaman is the person who has this knowledge. He knows how to handle difficulties because he deals with them himself.

To be more precise, the shaman is a player-coach. During the ceremony, he joins your team and guides stays with you till the victorious end.

The shaman will show you The Path and will have your back while you are walking it!

Self-exploration is a group sport

It is known that people are able to push themselves much farther while performing exercises in groups. It is considered that even the pain threshold is lower while training alongside someone else.

Healing and introspection as weird of a sport as it is, is a group and solo sport at the same time

You are competing with yourself and only you can make the actions. But at the same time, you can team up with some other solo players and make each other's journey more enjoyable, fruitful, and efficient.

An Ayahuasca retreat is gathering like-minded people who need answers, healing, and help. You can always discuss and share your experience with someone you encountered in a retreat. In these conversations, you will get more insights and understanding

Find yourself a team of people that are playing the same game. They will help you figure out the winning strategy!


Recently, I had a chance to talk to some "city monkeys".

Oddly enough, Instead of chilling on a mango tree, grooming each other, and eating crickets, they eat plastic food wrapped in pretty packages and spend their nice-looking pieces of paper (they call it "money", which rhymes with "monkey" and I find this fact cool) on things they dislike in a month. Strange beings I must say.

To help you escape this monkey race, a good training camp for introspection and inner work should be remote.

By the time you arrive at a remote Ayahuasca Retreat Center, you lose most of your “civilized” madness on the way. As a result, when you start the retreat you are already a better version of yourself with no extra crust to spend time on cracking.

A remote retreat camp will help you win your champion title more than any "convenient alternatives". So go far, and win big!

Connection to Nature

We are extremely social animals. From my own experience, having a big family means more sharing ( when everyone shares their mangoes with me it is sooo good) and more support.

The true family extends way farther than the parents and the siblings. The insects, birds, trees, and flowers were always our family and we can get their support too just by being closer to them.

A good Ayahuasca retreat has many inhabitants that can remind you that you are not alone, that you have a big family ( even though some of your relatives can seem scary, or bite) and you belong to something bigger.

With the support of such a crowd, your spiritual performance will increase manyfold and you will show your very best.

You are much more likely to win the match if your mom, dad, siblings, the dog, and a whole bunch of "biodiversity," are supporting you!


Western monkeys lllooove complexity. And they barely realize that things can be different.

They often have a device that is wrapped in a case. That case has another case that is afterward put in a bag that is put in the backpack.

And all this complexity is fueled by none other than your energy. You spend it just to keep things complicated and since this unnecessary complexity is constantly increasing, no wonder that people are feeling weak and drained.

To make a winning run, you need all the energy you can get. So in an Ayahuasca retreat, things better be simpler than you are used to.

Ideally, it will be a fine balance between having things simple (simple food, simple accommodation, etc.) and being stressed by how “wild” everything is (tree leaves instead of toilet paper, no electricity, etc.).

A wise Ayahuasca retreat center knows this balance and respects it accordingly.

Simplify everything to release and spare extra energy. You will need to win your marathon!

No pain no gain!

To get the ripest fruit, I climb to the tip of the tree and sometimes (always) that’s pretty scary. But making these small sacrifices is what makes the reward even sweeter.

If someone would just announce you a champion without having you compete and experience the struggle of the game you won't appreciate the title of a champion.

As with any training camp, the Ayahuasca retreat is a place where you can struggle a little bit in controlled conditions. It makes you strong without overexposing you to stressful situations. And after you succeed, your mango is so much sweeter!

To become a champion, you go through discomfort. And that is exactly why you value this title afterward!

Change in diet

If you want to get to a peak physical form, you must be conscious of your food. A diet change is crucial to maximize your performance.

As a monkey, I really like the approach of most athletes to eat more often and in more quantities. However, since you are interested in the sport of self-knowledge, you would need to have an opposite approach. You would need restrictions.

While enrolling in an Ayahuasca retreat you would need to restrict the intake of certain foods. This discipline will prepare your body and your mind to be able to set world records.

To reach the start, you need rocket fuel. To reach the inner depth of your mind, you will need it even more!

There are no losers

To win in a sport means that you make someone a loser. You either beat their team, or you beat their record, but you always win against someone else.

When it comes to setting in order your inner world, the main and only competitor you will have, is you.

Attending an ayahuasca retreat is literally a shadowboxing.

The mere fact that you enrolled in an Ayahuasca retreat is already a serious blow to your shadow. Every single step you take in this direction, every changed routine, and every thought you become aware of is bringing you closer to the much-desired victory and fulfillment.

A win-win situation is the best. Since on your inner journey, there is only one competitor, you end up getting both "wins" in your pocket!

An Ayahuasca retreat is a place that is alive on its own. It is made of people, knowledge, and good intentions. And it produces help, care, and change.

I call upon your competitive spirit! Wake it up! Provoke it and tease it!

When it is ready for a good fight, approach the mirror and show it your main and only adversary!

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