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The Effects of Ayahuasca on You and Your Life

Ayahuasca Effects

Our mind has layers upon layers and the core is made of pure bliss.

Throughout our lives, the mind gets layered with painful memories, wrong beliefs, and ignorance.

If not taken care of properly, with time it deteriorates and weakens. We lose control over it and forget that at the core of our mind is a hidden treasure.

There are many techniques and practices that can help us maintain a perfect state of mind, but unfortunately, the majority of us are unaware that we need to practice them.

And since we collect quite a large amount of mental garbage due to our lifestyle, some heavy cleaning is necessary to break the ice and start anew.

Ayahuasca is a very powerful method that can heal pain, show us the true reasons for our problems, and help solve them. After dealing with the initial cause of the issues, Ayahuasca starts a domino effect in different parts of our lives.

In the following article, we will try to cover the most common effects of Ayahuasca that can happen after the retreat.

The Table of Contents:


Effects on Your Decisions

Our life is made of decisions. Every single day is lived by choosing when, how, and what to do. And even the smallest decision has long-term consequences.

The way we make decisions can tell a lot about our mental health. Trauma, anxiety, and depression are conditioning us to make repetitive bad choices. Oftentimes we just do not see recurring patterns in our decision-making process and therefore we are stuck in a neverending cycle of mistakes.

While solving the root of the issues, Ayahuasca can directly impact how we make decisions and what we choose.

Imagine being attracted to a certain type of person that ends up being toxic and treating you unwell. Such preferences can be dictated by a variety of events in your life or beliefs that are rooted in your childhood.

After the Ayahuasca ceremony, you can review your belief system and therefore get a more conscious approach in selecting partners. As a result, you end up in a healthy relationship that is improving your life in a myriad of ways. This type of rewiring can occur with any part of your life: health, career, relationships, etc.

Our decisions are making us what we are. Sometimes we are trapped in patterns of decisions that are comfortable yet harmful to our lives. Ayahuasca is healing our minds and therefore is addressing the root of the issue. As a result, we start making more conscious and balanced decisions that help us progress in life.

Effects on Your Reactions

Unpleasant events are a part of life that either make us learn and become stronger or burn our nerve cells and shorten our lives.

When something bad is happening to us, it is too late to try and change it because it already happened (unless you can time travel). So not much control in this.

What we can control though, is the reaction.

The main difference between comedy and tragedy is how we react to it. Fortunately, we can consciously take charge of how we react.

Ayahuasca can impact how you react in stressful situations by making you more patient and opening you up to compassion, and wisdom


We are all good from birth, but as we go through life, like a sponge we soak in life’s sludge. What ayahuasca can do is clean you up and make you shiny again.

The shiny version of you understands that your boss is giving you a hard time because he himself is stressed and anxious (and probably needs to drink some Ayahuasca).

Being able to stop and express some compassion will allow you to let go and not create conflicts.

There is no need to overreact because that only makes things worse. A calm and mindful attitude towards life is a superpower. It gives you control in a world where having control is not possible.

Effects on Your Fears

Our internal growth has no limits. We have an infinite maze inside and its exploration is the most captivating goal any human being can have.

As with any decent maze, the one we have inside has some really rewarding zones. There are hidden passages to unthinkable treasures. But there is one problem with getting there - the passages are guarded. And the guard dogs are your fears.

Our fears are designed to scare us. That's why they exist. But the secret is that once you stop running from the things you are afraid of, the guard steps aside and allows you to access the treasure.

Ayahuasca (like other psychedelics) is definitely very powerful when it comes to exploring one's fears. With a little bit of experience, it is possible to dig into specific fears and overcome them.

As a result, new doors and opportunities can be opened.

Are you afraid of public speaking? It could be that it all started in high school when you were ridiculed while being on stage. Ayahuasca can help you to come to peace with it. And now you can open a whole new dimension of public life. And it can work with any fear.

The only requirement to overcome your fear is to simply admit that the reward of overcoming it is much more attractive than the safety of obeying the fear.

Being afraid keeps you in a safe zone that is harmful. You can avoid dangerous things, there is no issue with that as long as you calmy do it to not expose yourself to extra risk. The issues appear when you anxiously and uncontrollably avoid things that you imagine to be dangerous.

Courage is a skill, and after cleaning your mind, Ayahuasca can help you build it. It can have an impact on how you treat your fears and what you do in regard to them. If taken seriously, this type of self-assessment can bring a whole new life. More adventures, rewards, drive, and purpose are just a part of what a brave person can achieve.

Effects on your Values

We want in life what we value. We value what we think is important. But how we can tell an important and an unimportant thing? Usually, it is a learned action.

We are told that having a certain type of car is important, and therefore we sacrifice our energy for getting it. After some time, that car doesn't satisfy us anymore and we aim for something else.

But what if most of the values we are taught nowadays are not exactly what we need? Well, Ayahuasca will definitely open you to the things you need rather things you want. We want toys, comfort, and fake control. But what we need however is meaning, support, and love.

Ayahuasca can have an effect on the values you are currently having. It can show how you harm yourself and loved ones with the things you currently consider important. This knowledge will allow you to reassess your values and make changes. And those changes will be the best thing you ever did.

Effects on Your Goals

When I was a kid, many of my friends were playing the guitar. Each of them was looked upon and respected. I also wanted attention so much so that I desperately tried to learn to play guitar like they did.

However because my motivation was not genuine, I was not willing to invest the time and effort needed to become a guitar player. All I achieved was disappointment in my abilities and frustration. Years later, fascinated by the music itself, I found the right reason to play the guitar and I succeeded.

Oftentimes, without realizing it, we pick other people's goals. And we keep going for them regardless of whether or not we want and need them.

Ayahuasca helps us deeply understand our motivations and goals by disassembling and reorganizing them. As a result, we will be able to get rid of the goals that were damaging us and leave the ones we truly need.

Our goals can betray us if they are not ours. Influenced by people we admire, we try to become like them by achieving their goals. Ayahuasca can show us what our genuine goals are. Pursuing that will make us the original thinkers and wise individuals we are meant to become.

Effects on Your Understanding of Life and Your Place in It

The Big Questions will inevitably visit us. They will either make us depressed, scared, and lost or will be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Life is a miracle. Regardless of how many scientific papers are written to explain it away, life is still the elephant in the room that we should befriend.

Asking questions is fun and the biggest fun is asking The Questions.

Who am I? What is really important in life? How should I live my life? How am I connected to everything I see around me? What are the things I see? Is there something that I don't see around me?

A deep Ayahuasca experience can definitely shatter the intellectual foundation of a human being. After healing all the trauma, and getting rid of pain and depression, your journey is just beginning. That's when you are fit enough to explore your mind in a more controlled and stable way. And when hitting that point, a whole toolkit for exploration becomes available to you.

After some experiences with Ayahuasca, everything around starts to have a new level of meaning and importance. How we live each day has an impact on everything around us.

Effects on Your Beliefs

"He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right''. The difference between them is the beliefs they hold.

Our beliefs are like the software our mind is using to go through our lives. Our success in life will be shaped by it.

If we think that being rich is bad, we will stay poor forever. If we feel that we do not deserve good treatment, we will choose the wrong people to match our beliefs.

Our beliefs are being constantly created as we live. But the good part of it is that we have a decent amount of control over this process.

The effect of Ayahuasca on our beliefs can be liberating. An Ayahuasca ceremony can highlight the toxic beliefs that are poisoning our lives. And after being found, we can gradually change them.

If you didn't update your software, chances are it won't serve you well. Believing as a kid that your mom will always protect you, was useful in your childhood. But believing that as an adult will make you dependent and will strip your mother from your protection. Ayahuasca can definitely address your beliefs and weed out the outdated ones

Effects on Your Relationships

The state of our mind is directly influencing how we build our relationships. Our mind is either grooming the connections we have with other people or it is poisoning them.

After processing some of the issues on Ayahuasca, you can become aware of how your actions impact your relationships. This awareness is all you need to start making a change.

For example, If you know that you mistreat someone, you can stop doing it. If you become aware that you do not reward the good traits in your loved one, you realize that it is time to start doing it as well.

Our words, actions, and overall attention ( or the lack of it) are shaping our relationships.

Ayahuasca can show how and why are you in the current relationships. Knowing that is the key to change and rebuilding them in a way that will make you fulfilled.


You can literally inspect the daddy issues you have or the lack of interest from your partner. After understanding the root causes, you will be able to change the overall situation with wise actions.

Being in a broken relationship is like being a spider that is stuck in its own web. The web is meant to be your home and help you prosper, but instead, it immobilizes and you are stuck.
Ayahuasca can have a profound effect on your understanding of relationships. Realizing your motives and reasoning in certain situations can open your eyes to how to improve your relationship. This will be very rewarding because no man is an island.

Effects on Your Spiritual Development

We all know about the benefits of the meditation. Therefore we know that it would be great to do it regularly. Most of the people at least tried to do so for some periods of time but in the end, they were carried with daily worries and they stopped practicing.

Meditation is only one of many techniques that can help you in your spiritual development. Different types of yoga, mantras, breathwork, sound healing, and many other activities promise a state of mind that will be perfect and make us fulfilled.

Ayahuasca can increase the efforts you are investing in your spiritual life. Some of the visions and experiences raise really interesting questions. These questions spark very bright curiosity in spiritual development. You can get a glimpse of something profound, and it will drive your persistence and discipline in your spiritual life.

You will feel joy while exploring daily practices and routines.

Ayahuasca is definitely having effects that are linked to spirituality. In one way or another, it can give hints and insights that our visible world is not even the tip of the iceberg. This realization is waking our curiosity and spirit of expiration. As a result, we get the taste of spiritual questions, practices, and progress.

Effects on Your Self-Image

We think many things about ourselves. There is an evergoing balance between the things we underappreciate in ourselves and the things we overappreciate.

Sometimes while looking in the mirror we hate what we see. This creates a lot of unconfidence, missed opportunities, and ultimately - misery

Other times we are so in love with our image that we simply deprive ourselves of the chance to grow. A delusional person that is sure that he/she is perfect is doomed to disappointment because sooner or later, they will be forced to face reality.

Ayahuasca can help us to reexamine our opinion of ourselves. We stop taking our self-image to extremities. We start seeing, accepting, and working over our weaknesses. At the same time we become aware and start to appreciate our strong parts. As a result, we achieve this push-pull effect that propels us to happiness.

A balanced attitude towards ourselves is the foundation. Knowing our flaws and limits allows us to improve them. Being conscious of our strong parts helps us to appreciate ourselves and be more optimistic about keeping going.

Effects on Your Attitude Towards Life

Our minds are generating the reality around us. Depending on the beliefs we hold, we attract good or bad things like a magnet.

If you constantly think about failing the exam, chances are you will fail it only because the anxiety will block all the knowledge you have.

Like it or not, once in a while life is throwing at us challenges. It is up to us to consider them punishments or blessings in disguise.

Even an intense experience on Ayahuasca once finished, brings us to a pretty optimistic mindset. We realize that everything is temporal and can be overcome. There is no point in holding too tight to pleasant things and no need to dramatize the unpleasant ones.

The Universal Dance of good and evil is ever going and Ayahuasca can make you the observer of that dance. This observation calms you down and allows you to be more optimistic about life.

One single event can be perceived differently depending on the type of glasses you are wearing. Ayahuasca is not putting rose-colored glasses on you, it releases the grim ones and you start seeing things as they are - perfect.

Effects on Your Attitude Toward Past Present and Future

Our present is the result of our past and is the reason for our future. As human beings, we are a process. Our bodies are constantly decaying and rebuilding themselves anew. So goes with everything around us.

If our past brought us suffering, a tempting reaction to that is to blame our current state of affairs on the past. However, this is a very discouraging attitude because we give our past control over our present and future.

Ayahuasca can help come to terms with what already happened. Accepting the past is the first step in our healing. Once we accept it, we stop running from it and don't allow it to decide the direction of our movement. So we take the faith in our hands.

When we consciously decide that it doesn't matter what happened to us in the past, we at the same time get a grip over our future. Every mindfull action now will have rich fruit in the future.

Ayahuasca can have an effect on how we link our past with our present and future. A beneficial connection will lead to letting go of the past and taking small steps toward a bright future.

Our past can hold us back, the present can depress us and our future can scare us. Having a healthy attitude toward the flow of time is the key to a fulfilled life. Ayahuasca can help us come to terms with the past, see opportunities in the present, and relax about the future.

Effects on Pain and Traumatic Memories

If you once got burned, you are pretty likely to avoid fire. But sometimes, we need the fire to keep us warm and to shade light over the darkness.

A traumatic experience can make us avoid certain occupations, people, and events even though if approached mindfully, we could benefit from them.

If someone once criticized our abilities in a specific field, we could get discouraged to continue it. Once mistreated as a child, entire blocks of talent could be buried beneath our painful memories. It is literally a gold mine. Although digging into it is not the most pleasant activity, it is the most rewarding.

Ayahuasca can be that shovel that will help you find and bring to the light of day the best parts of yourself. It can take away the negative charge from traumatic memories. This will free you because your fears and pain won't shape your actions anymore.

Traumas and pain can blind us and we stop seeing the bright part of life. Also, they can block our best talents, abilities, and intentions. Ayahuasca can have a beneficial effect on that by releasing the emotional weight from our shoulders. As a result, we start shining like the Sun as we are meant to.

Effects on Your Food Preferences

Ayahuasca is definitely about cleaning. Mind and the body are tightly correlated and if you clean your mind, you inevitably end up having a cleaner body.

Ayahuasca puts the accent on working over the mind, and we end up getting rid of a variety of bad habits and additions. As a result, the body is flourishing and we find extra energy to continue working on our mind. This loop can go on and on, and with a little bit of persistence, we could get to incredible places.

Oftentimes after doing Ayahuasca people reevaluate their diet and their food preferences. They get rid of junk food and substance abuse.

Besides reconsidering what to eat, people rethink how much food they need.

Overeating because of some mental health problems is extremely widespread. We stuff our stomachs in response to stress, fear, and lack of meaning.

After addressing the root cause of it, Ayahuasca can have a positive effect on our eating habits.

We are what we eat. And we eat what we are. Ayahuasca is changing and cleaning our minds. As a result, we start preferring a more clean, balanced and wise diet. This fact alone can forever change and improve our lives.

Effects on Your Daily Routines

There are always small routines that in the long run can make a big difference.

Meditating 10 minutes a day is not that much, but do it for years and there will be solid results. Journaling 3 minutes a day can release stress and allow you to be much more productive. Doing cold showers in the morning although challenging, can bring you to a new energy level during the day.

A lot of us tried some of these hacks, but small things require consistency and patience to deliver a perceivable result. So we lack patience.

With Ayahuasca we can zoom out our life and see how small bad habits resulted in where we are now. This understanding can help us out in forecasting the long-term results of our good habits.

We can literally feel and deeply connect with the benefits of small routines. And when we are back from the Ayahuasca ceremony, that insight will be our guiding star and we won't be lost or give up.

Ayahuasca can show us a very bright glimpse of our possible future. It can be an image of our life in 5 years with a different attitude towards our parents, with a different diet, with a purpose in life, etc. This picture can be extremely motivating and serve us as a carrot for a donkey. Day by day, we will be much more motivated and consistent in making small steps.

Effects on Your Creativity

For millennia different cultures have been using a variety of substances that alter the consciousness. A whole spectrum of compounds was influencing and shaping many societies.

Creativity in arts and science can be achieved in many ways, but psychedelics are known for being a very powerful fuel for it.

As one of the most powerful psychedelics, Ayahuasca also has a big potential to stimulate creativity and help in generating ideas. For this to occur, the person drinking it should be more or less free from mental traumas and have some experience.

When it comes to generating new ideas and boosting creativity, the most fruitful phase of the Ayahuasca, is the last third of the ceremony. When you pass the peak of the intensity of the trip you feel that the ceremony is approaching its end.

That is the time when you can start brainstorming and downloading ideas for any field you are interested in.

Want to come up with a business idea? No problem. Need a good story for a novel? Here it is. The ideas received will be fresh, unexpected, and original. Being an experienced meditator will help a lot to keep the focus on a certain line of thoughts and therefore go deeper and deeper into it.

Ayahuasca can give a big boost to your creativity. If you have enough strength and skill, it is possible to come to a state of mind that is like a flow of new ideas. The ideas can be written down and afterward developed into new projects, businesses, art, etc.

Effects on Chronic Pain

Sometimes in order to avoid leaving through our trauma, we unconsciously decide to hide our mental health issues in our bodies. As a result, we can acquire chronic pain and different types of physical conditions.

For years we can feel pain and discomfort somewhere in our body. But after an Ayahuasca ceremony, we could tap into that pain, relive the trauma causing it, and thus get rid of it. It is like opening a purulent wound and cleaning it. Only after that, the healing can proceed.

It can take multiple sessions of Ayahuasca for it to go deep enough, but if the root of your pain is in your mind, with any number of ceremonies there will be at least a partial pain relief.

Sometimes chronic pain can be rooted in suppressed emotions or traumas. Ayahuasca can deliver you from these sufferings by releasing them through purging.

What if There are No Effects?

Our civilization is rewarding easy and effortless methods. It doesn't mean that it is a bad thing and we should intentionally choose the hard way.

It is more that some difficult challenges require emotionally and physically demanding solutions. And paying that toll will be the right way to do it and get solid results.

When it comes to health and mental health, everyone is in search of the magic pill that will deliver us from all the evils of the world.

Even if that pill is possible to create, how much we are ready to sacrifice now in order to get some results in the distant future?

On top of this, just changing our lifestyle and getting closer to our roots and simplicity, will naturally protect us from the majority of our problems.

We are used that if we appeal to a doctor, he will do his job of taking care of us. We simply lay the responsibility for our well-being on someone else.

This is convenient for sure, but we should take back our lives.

Appealing to Ayahuasca is a delicate method because the path is to be walked by the one who is healed. And even though there will be a shaman and the staff of the retreat center, they cannot walk this path instead of you. Similarly, you cannot eat instead of your child.

And since the lifting is to be done by you, preparation is mandatory for a successful resolution.

Sometimes after an Ayahuasca retreat, there can be no visible results. And this can mean a number of things.

Most often, the issues addressed need more Ayhuasca ceremonies because those issues lay deep enough and there are things of higher priority that the medicine is addressing first.

Or Ayahuasca already gave you an insight that needs to be implemented for your health and well-being to be improved. Getting an insight to stop drinking alcohol is not enough to undo all the damage. Some time without alcohol is needed for the changes to manifest.

No obvious effects don't mean there are no effects at all. Most likely you already received a gift from the Ayahuasca and you need time to unpack it and make use of it. Be patient and make small baby steps in accordance with the insights that you receive.


Ayahuasca is a very powerful tool for deep internal transformation. of

It is like a Swiss Army Knife - it has a lo of tools that can be used to have a profound effect on many fields of your life.

Even if taken without wanting a specific effect, it will deeply impact the way you think, behave, and live.

Having knowledge and understanding of its effects beforehand will help you to prepare and be ready for a more profound improvement.

Each person wants Ayahuasca to impact a specific part of their life. If you need help in figuring out what you want and how to get that, please drop us a message and we can provide you a free consultation on this.

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