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15 Reasons to Do Ayahuasca in Peru

Updated: May 18

Peru and its Amazon rainforest region are considered the worldwide capital of Ayahuasca. Even though some versions of Ayahuasca ceremonies can be found in the underground circles of many countries of Latin America and even in the West, having Ayahuasca in Peru is in itself another level of quality and depth.

1. A high-quality Source of Ayahuasca Ingredients

The Amazon basin of Peru is Ayahuasca’s homeland. It is fair to suppose that Ayahuasca was discovered here and the traditions around this Sacred Medicine are rooted in the area where it naturally grows.

An experienced Shaman can spot the ingredients for the brew and collect enough of them in several hours.

Many local Shamans own land and they farm the plants in order to make a comfortable and sustainable source of raw materials. This farming is only possible in the Peruvian Amazon due to the climate conditions.

When doing Ayahuasca in the West, there are very few sources of the brew for the ceremonies. mainly it is shipped from the Amazon region.

Oftentimes this can be a pain due to legal and logistical issues. So after going through all the adventures with the customs, every drop of Ayahuasca becomes even more valuable because getting more would cost you more hassle.

That is why there are many stories of underground Ayahuasca ceremonies with a very diluted brew served to the participants, mild effects, and disappointment.

In Peru however, due to the legality and the abundance of the plants in the wilderness, you can be almost sure that brew will be “ the real deal”. Strong, properly prepared medicine is crucial when it comes to its efficiency of it.

So you would rather have it too strong rather than too weak. At the end of the day, your healing will depend on that.

In Peru, being close to the source of Ayahuasca can ensure a high-quality brew and the corresponding effects of the Ayahuasca ceremony.

2. Western retreats vs Ayahuasca retreats is in Peru

In the USA and other Western countries, some enthusiasts are organizing underground closed-door Ayahuasca retreats. There are stories that they are able to gather up to 100 people in one room. Needless to say that it is impossible to take care of such a big number of people. Also, finding a Shaman who knows how to handle the Medicine is a pretty challenging task on its own. That's why music bands are hired to accompany the participants along their journey.

No wonder that the healing capacity of such parties is low however the prices ( due to scarcity) are pretty high.

In contrast to that, Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru, are something pretty common. The local retreat centers don't need to jeopardize the quality of their services by hosting hundreds of unsatisfied participants at a time. instead of that they can find the best shamans, and create a comfortable and safe environment that is serving well to everyone.

Instead of having a mere shadow of an Ayahuasca ceremony in comfortable proximity to your home, I suggest having the genuine ceremony in a place that has everything

3. Experienced Shamans who can support you when needed

There is one more reason related to the above why you would prefer doing Ayahuasca Peru.

Since the local Peruvian Shamans throughout their lives have had thousands and thousands of ceremonies, their experience allows them to handle with ease even the most delicate situations within the ceremonies.

When served a stiff, strong brew, sometimes the effects can be intense, and even though it can be demanding that's exactly what people most of the time need. Due to that the participants are able to reach the deepest pain and trauma in order to heal.

So besides finding in Peru strong Ayahuasca brew, you can also find qualified Shamans that know how to handle the effects of it. Their experience will turn your challenges into benefits and healing.

4. Living ancestral tradition

In Peru, there are Shamanic lineages that are being continued for several hundred years.

The Shamanic skill and knowledge are passed from father to son ( sometimes to the daughter) and oftentimes this goes for multiple generations. There are families of Shamans that have kept their craft directly transmitted for 200 years.

Imagine that with every transmission, besides preserving the existing knowledge, the successor brings it to another level by researching, experimenting, and adding new methods to the ancestral tradition.

In the Amazon, there are hundreds of thousands of plants that wait to teach the Shamans the wonders of their abilities.

Peru is offering the most skillful Shamans who possess deep and wide knowledge. They know a remarkable amount of details about the plants and their use. As a result

5. Peru has much more plants that can assist the Ayahuasca

The variety of plants in the Peruvian Amazon is astonishing. Many of them have remarkable medicinal properties that have been used for centuries to cure a broad spectrum of illnesses.

The “classical” Ayahuasca brew is made only of two ingredients the Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna leaves.

Sometimes, however, in order to mediate the effect of the Ayahuasca, some additional plants can be added. These plants can add a calming effect, some of them can enhance the visionary aspects, some of them can address issues with the digestive system etc.

By doing the Ayahuasca in Peruvian Amazon you can find Shamans with enough knowledge and experience to use additional plants. As a result, you might have a personalized treatment of your issue and a more beneficial experience.

Every plant can be compared with a key that unlocks and release a part of your health and well-being. Having access to a large variety of plants in the Peruvian Jungle can bring you health and fulfillment.

6. Connected to the Source of the Power of Ayahuasca

While doing Ayahuasca in its natural habitat, you are connected with it in a way that is hard to put in rational words.

Imagine having the best Peruvian Shaman and the best Ayahuasca brew somewhere in New York. Seemingly you have all the ingredients for the ceremony, and it will most likely bring a lot of good to the participants. But it can be deeper and more powerful than that if done in the proper environment.

While doing the Ayahuasca in Peruvian Amazon, you breathe the same air the plant is breathing, and you drink water from the same clouds. You are the guest of the Jungle and not the other way around. This will give you an inexplicable bond with the plant.

This connection is felt by the Shaman as well, and he is close to the place that gives him power.

The closer you are to the source, the more power you will be able to have on the Ayahuasca Ceremony. Being in the Jungle for your Ayahuasca ceremony gives you a wider channel through which you connect to the Medicine. For the Shaman it works as well - he is able to have access to its power easier and therefore lead you into deeper healing.

7. Going out of your comfort zone with Ayahuasca in Peru

We always want things to be as convenient as possible. We prefer not to spend extra energy on anything. The gym has to be 5 minutes away from us, the supermarket in the same block, and the Ayahuasca center behind the corner.

The truth is, making a change takes sacrifice. Ayahuasca by default is not a magic pill, but when people try to have this experience in the same comfort zone from which they need to escape, the results will be according.

Our lifestyle, choices, and behavioral patterns are exactly the things that make us feel miserable, anxious, and afraid. Thinking that sprinkling all of this with a little bit of Ayahuasca will make a change, is like hoping that swiping the dust under the rug will make your room clean.

To make a real change, you need to make a ritual out of it. You need to go somewhere you have never been, you need to change the environment and give yourself space for the change to occur and stick.

Traveling far for an adventure and finding change and improvement, is a journey that rewarded people from the dawn of time.

8. Competition between Shamans fuels their perfection of the skills

Since Ayahuasca in Peru draws a lot of attention from tourists from all around the world, more and more talented people step on the path of a Shaman. As a result, the competition among the Shamans becomes intense.

This fact is driving the need for the Shamans to perfect their skills and to keep an impeccable reputation to make sure they are trusted to heal people. The Shamas that understand this, are constantly improving their craft and the ability to deliver it to foreigners.

For that, they do solitary retreats to recharge and gain new knowledge about plants and their healing potential.

There is no such thing as a Shaman that knows everything. There are always plants to be studied, recipes to be perfected and songs to be mastered.

The high competition among the Shamans in Peru assures that only the best of them are able to build a reputation.

9. Choosing the right retreat for you

Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, have a pretty wide range of things they offer. Therefore anyone can find a place that is suitable for their expectations and budget.

On average, a retreat in Peru can be cheaper than a retreat somewhere else. This is explained by the fact that Ayahuasca is widespread in Peru and its abundance drives the prices down. You can find a pretty cheap option with no electricity somewhere deep in the Jungle, or you could go for a more fancy place with hot water, fans, and refined cuisine.

The possibility to choose from a great variety gives the luxury of finding a place that you will “click” with. This is really important while looking for a place that will bring you change in your life.

10. Ayahuasca is legal in Peru

When dealing with different psychedelics at home or at parties, people are constantly having this buzzing idea that they are doing something illegal, and therefore they can be punished for it. Countless bad trips were ignited by this line of thoughts and most people would gladly avoid this.

In Peru, Ayahuasca is not simply legal, it is nourished and preserved on all levels. The brew ingredients are being farmed for a more sustainable use and the tradition around the Ayahuasca ceremony is being kept alive by the local communities and the government.

As a result, by taking Ayahuasca in Peru, you end up not only avoiding all the legal trouble that can result in the West, you are being encouraged and protected before during, and after doing it.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are absolutely legal in Peru and this bill gives you the tranquility and self-confidence needed for success.

11. Travel in Peru as an integration method

The Ayahuasca ceremony can bring a lot of lessons and insights that require time for digestion. Besides the answers on the surface, you receive a number of packages that can be unwrapped only after some time. These packages exist because you cannot unveil everything during the ceremony. Sometimes it is just too much for you and the Medicine is literally sparing you by giving the amount you can safely handle.

To unpack the rest of the lessons, it is always a good idea to travel.

While traveling, you get into unusual situations, meeting new people and all of it can trigger new ideas to flourish in your head.

There are countless articles about the marvels of Peru as a travel destination. This is certainly a wonderful place to explore. If you can, set aside some time after your Ayahuasca experience to integrate and understand better everything you received from the Plant.

To help yourself integrate better the lessons received from Ayahuasca, reserve some travel time throughout Peru. It will help unpack the insights and make them stick to your life.

12. You inspire locals and locals inspire you

Among the locals of Peru, Ayahuasca is associated with courage and bravery. Facing your hidden parts is something respected by everyone. Because of that, a tourist that decided to have an Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru draws attention and is inspiring locals.

As a result, this attitude can give strength to the tourist and fuel his/her determination to succeed.

Encountering local people that admire your bravery in regards to attending Ayahuasca in Peru, can help fuel your determination and commitment.

13. The right place in Peru makes a difference

Peru is a very diverse country. It has everything from mountains to ocean shores, from the Jungle to deserts. Because of that the diversity of plants is also immense. And from such a variety of plants, you can encounter a whole guild of plants that are able to heal.

Every healing plant has its own region. For example, San Pedro grows in the mountains of the South of Peru, Ayahuasca, however, is found only in the Jungle of the Amazon basin.

People of each region for centuries were perfecting the methods of using their local medicinal plants. So if you want an authentic Ayahuasca ceremony, you need to go to the Amazon. The tradition there is much closer to its roots.

Every region of Peru has a plant that is native to that area and a tradition of using that plant. To have an authentic Ayahuasca ceremony, ideally, you would need to go to the Peruvian Amazon.

14. Innovative Shamans

The Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru is a form of art. The Shamans are artists. Each of them belongs to a specific school depending on the tribe they are from.

Also, each of the Shamans is having his own unique style that is remarkably different than even the style of his teacher.

The Peruvian shamans manage to keep a fine balance between holding the traditional core of the Ayahuasca ceremony and innovation. They use ancestral tradition as a strong foundation for further development.

Some shamans try to use musical instruments that could never be used by their forefathers.

Guitars, different types of flutes, and cosmic-sounding percussion instruments. All these tools when used wisely are bringing a new dimension of depth and healing during the Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

15. You help Ayahuasca culture and it helps you.

A wisely chosen Ayahuasca retreat in Peru can solve several goals. On one hand, you can make a change in your life, and on the other hand, you can support the local community that is directly or indirectly involved in the Ayahuasca tradition.

Many local Shamans own land and they farm the medicinal plants they are using. The staff of most of the retreat centers are locals and usually, they are paid a decent wage for their job.

Doing an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru is helping the person in need of healing and the people offering that healing.

The Ayahuasca ceremony and the culture around it have several crucial components. A skillful shaman that is having enough experience to handle any situation, a brew prepared according to the ancient recipe, and the connection with the Jungle and Mother Earth.

Separately, most of these ingredients for a genuine Ayahuasca ceremony can be found in many places. But there is only one country on Earth that is having all of them in one place - Peru.

The Peruvian Amazon has a concentration of traditions, wisdom, and knowledge that results in helping thousands of people every year.

If you want a good chance for change, this would be your destination.

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